About me, Rachel Adams…


From a daisy chain to the installation of a floral display in a Stately Home, flowers have played a significant role throughout my life.

Whilst planning my wedding in 2009 I struggled to find a florist who could bring to life the vision I had of a natural yet contemporary form, so I began my floristry journey, studying at the prestigious Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

My personal style was further developed with sessions at Grace & Thorn and Sabine Darrall, both luxury florists.

My floristry style is very natural and loose, with an emphasis on simple yet wild arrangements where the foliage and blooms speak for themselves. I am able to provide a bespoke service which will bring the clients ideas to life.

As part of the bespoke service that I provide I am florist to a number of high profile Corporate Clients providing displays for events and special occasions.